Facility Management, Building Lifecycle and Value Engineering

We at MAP, create a place that is beyond the physical form of the building. We have social and cultural  responsibilities toward our clients, users, and stakeholders. We believe in  Integrative Thinking and a Strategic Design process that gives our clients more opportunities and advantages to have a unique experience during project design, implementation, and occupation.  MAP creates a journey at every corner while achieving maximum technological, sustainable, and innovative benefits. Moreover, MAP studies the behavior of the project during the construction phases, as well as the entire life cycle of the building or project.



MAP believes that the concept phase is one of  the most important parts in the designing process, enriching the surroundings and making a place that meets the expectations and aspiration of everyone involved. To achieve this, we go through a process called Experimental Approach in design:

Gather site, environmental, cultural and social data.

Analyze all the data and arrange the conclusions.

Create various possibilities through team brainstorming.

Evaluate all the possibilities, locating the strong aspects of each one of them.

Reach the concept through an integrative team process.


Our talented, skilled and experienced team share the vision, creativity, and innovative solutions. We seek the greatest outcome by utilizing the added value of having each and every member of MAP, side by side, working collectively with the clients’ ideas, the space users, and the surrounding society. This way of thinking granted us a variety of solutions and alternatives that exceeds the expectations of the all the stakeholders.


We are a part of society, impacted by the culture and architecture of every place we visit, we become aware of the environment and interact with the nature, we learn to adapt to these variables and design our building needs around them. We take every aspect of these experiences and variables into consideration to help us gather necessary information and then analyze it with the latest methods and programs to meet the project needs. By respecting the cultural and social ways of thinking, we consider our projects an asset for the community. We create a profitable space for the client while making it user friendly. Our projects are in harmony with nature and the life-cycle study we conduct of the space creates a lasting relationship between the space and us.


Achieving a great design requires  the understanding of the latest technological solutions. We find it essential  to use sustainable ideas, value engineering, and the green building technologies. We also use technology as a part of our design process. Using the latest programs helps us calculate, estimate and evaluate a variety of alternatives, creating and reforming them to enhance the ability to understand all the aspects of the design.