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The key approach emerged from the power of nature, where the sun, wind and water play a main role in manipulating design. To place the building in harmony and compatibility with nature, it was important to let the nature treat the building as a one whole mass, at the first place. Wind and water caused the main cracks at the whole mass and created an open to sky areas. In addition, this process formulates the spatial organization for the project program.

The sunlight was a major player in designing the façades. The design itself maximizes the use of the natural lighting and offering natural shading where it is favourable.

The sun orientation and the wind direction used as an axis, that help in distributing each mass. Each intersection of two axes generates a node, which will be manifested in a mass and its function. The connection between two nods will lead from mass to another and creating a transition zone.

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November 11, 2014

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